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Creating a new site is like writing your best novel. This requires planning, time, and necessary review. Optimized for content and purpose.Informational, Functional and Appealing.Personal consultations in and around San

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 Logos, Ads, Brochure, Video editing to make your brand stand out and consistent.Advertising Your Business Starts With Logo & VisualsLogos, banner design, discount ads and updates to existing media available.Price

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Foundation Repair Site Build

Foundation Repair website build

This company was trying a DIY website. The pages were not what they wanted in terms of look and feel for their customers. This was likely causing less conversions for customers looking into comparison shopping for foundation repairs of homes and commercial buildings. We created pages that explain who they are, what they do and started a view of their work. Expected completion 9/7/2023 Foundation Repair Site

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Custom Home Builder Gallery

This client requires a promotional gallery of work and backend optimization for search engine results to rank competitively. The website will be upgraded in layout, but more importantly we will Increase the quality of graphics and generate new media for a greater video and photography portfolio of custom home work. Showcasing what this home builder and remodeler does is the main goal. This is a classic issue of a previous designer that was remiss in telling the story of services...

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The reach of your business means data analysis

Data analysis in tech requires the use of various tech tools and data analysis techniques in order to effectively visualize and interpret data. These techniques include statistical analysis, machine learning algorithms, and data visualization. Proper data analysis can aid companies in advancing their products and services, optimizing processes, and making data-driven decisions.  Let's Get "Techy" Analyzing data is not exactly a full setup or steps process. Data analysis works to review large amounts of data for the purposes of identifying patterns...

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Google Analytics is upgrading to what?

Google Analytics 4 what?

The next gen of Google Analytics is here - so what is it? Google, the powerhouse in online search, is making a major upgrade to its analytics platform in 2023. Dubbed Google Analytics 4 (or simply GA4), these new features and tools aim to help website owners stay in compliance with new regulations, learn more about their website visitors, and gain a competitive edge in their industries. If you checked your email any time in 2022, you already know that...

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Gospel Singer Makes a Comeback

This client was in a Grammy nominated and Dove award winning gospel group in the early 1980's. With our vision and help to showcase his long career - from group into a solo-album singing career - we now have built a website and social media platform for fans. His career is taking off again as he generates connections with fans from early on and new fans of his newly released music in 2023. More will be coming soon. Gospel Singer...

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Mac OS Terminal Commands

Just dropping this right here for ya. COMMAND ACTION Shortcuts Tab Auto-complete file and folder names Ctrl + A Go to the beginning of the line you're currently typing on Ctrl + E Go to the end of the line you're currently typing on Ctrl + U Clear the line before the cursor Ctrl + K Clear the line after the cursor Ctrl + W Delete the word before the cursor Ctrl + T Swap the last two characters before...

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Jeweler adds a Second Line

Priscilla Laurel jewelry designer The artist started growing her "joyarte" line of jewelry, and had to expand her creativity with the new "Priscilla Laurel" brand. Fashion models and custom private party orders are bringing her work into higher demand. Now that she has grown more presence in the industry, we are taking our e-commerce design into her own brand - Priscilla Martinez. View our original joyarte collection shop View Priscilla Laurel collection shop View Priscilla Martinez design - shop soon!

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Which set of Media Platforms is Best?

Choosing social media marketing channels is a basic function of determining what really works for your business. Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn gets clients, individuals, organizations, news distributors, and businesses to find you via online activity. More importantly, evaluating how engaged in virtual space and how much your viewers share your content are results to measure. What do these numbers and trends tell you? Are you even discussing with your marketer what and how these evaluations are...

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Realty Website Revamping

We are newly contracted to bring a new layout to a Realtor & Broker out of Houston, Texas. Their new look will be available in July 2021. This unmaintained website will be upgraded for completion & functional listings. A sneak peek at the prototype design! Live KT Realty Site

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NonProfit Uses Media to Fundraise

Bringing Awareness Several events per year are a valuable part of this organization's funding. The Prosthetic Foundation continues efforts via social media and platforms to raise awareness and grant assistance for amputees that cannot afford their prosthetic after limb-loss. Their website was also unmaintained and we created a new one on a platform that shows their assistance, offers application links and provides a commerce checkout for those want to donate, purchase event tickets. Prosthetic Foundation site

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