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Let me assist in that messy upkeep. You're not alone. Keep your site from going stale. Web Maintenance and Existing Site Updates Increase Business Scheduled maintenance is usually needed on

New Website

Creating a new site is like writing your best novel. This requires planning, time, and necessary review. Optimized for content and purpose.Informational, Functional and Appealing.Personal consultations in and around San

Logos & Ads, Brochure, Video

 Logos, Ads, Brochure, Video editing to make your brand stand out and consistent.Advertising Your Business Starts With Logo & VisualsLogos, banner design, discount ads and updates to existing media available.Price

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Consultation Consultations are free either in person or by phone. Generating content so your website is a selling and marketing tool is important to me. Initial consultation includes: Discussing business

Photographer Seeks Reviews

This photographer sought to revamp their site from self-maintained to more informative and up to date. The main goals of this site were to: explore new ways to display photos in gallery format feature professional photos of different services combine a simple and colorful look both photographers like highlight business and commercial work differently than other categories create customer view access link to social media generate more reviews Now that this site has been updated, this photographer hopes to gain...

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Optometrists need to see

Optometrist Website Soon

A Website for a Therapeutic Optometrist has now begun. From experience with eye disorders to the latest contact lenses, this doctor has great work ethic. Dr. Paula Emerson | 12/2016 1 www.drpaulaemerson.com She's excited for new vision - a new vision of her own website soon! Now under construction and for your view within the next few weeks.   A logo from scratch has been designed. To attract new customers and provide an overview of this doctor's staff is the mission...

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Wherefore art thou Shopping Cart?

[wpepsc name="My Great Product" price="100.00" align="left"] Oh Romeo?? With the bundle of carts, payment processors and options for ecommerce, many business owners are easily confused. Which shopping cart is the right one to marry for my business? Not only are there technical issues to consider, the business model is inherently the main factor that drives determined plans. Considering current and future sales growth, each step of choosing the right shopping cart is a service I provide. Not to worry -...

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Boss Co Site

[siteorigin_widget class="SiteOrigin_Widget_Hero_Widget"][/siteorigin_widget][siteorigin_widget class="SiteOrigin_Widget_Headline_Widget"][/siteorigin_widget]  Working on this website has involved a revamp of site using existing logo and color scheme preference.Design involves home page as advertisement to customers, landing pages, functionality of client use for previews of portfolio and submission from clients for project requests and reviews.Functional for customer and client.Continuous coverage of current projects underway for most recent updates. 

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DIY do it yourself website or hire a web designer?

Lately, marketing for website development has spiked for the do-it-yourself audience. You know - those people who like to tackle projects themselves before they hire someone to do a professional job for them, because afterall how hard could it be? The "I can do that!" mentality has grown, and now has spread to the business model in different ways. Technology, with all of the gadgets in every hand and internet google searches, has produced a market for those who would...

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How music on websites is killing you.

Well, maybe it's not killing you, but there are definite opinions on this subject. Adding music to your website is not always a good idea, but it's not ALWAYS a bad one either. [wonderplugin_audio id="1"] If your industry is music, of course....but what about a furniture store or an ice cream shop? The atmosphere your site wants to convey and the audience your site is to attract are THE #1 defining answers to this question. Giving the user the option...

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Keep your business needs balanced with your ‘busyness’ needs

Balance business needs with 'busyness'

"Where does the time go?" by Y.Deleon For those of you who don't have enough time to keep your business needs balanced with your 'busyness' needs. Well, isn't that everyone? Heck, I'm right there with you....balancing the needs of those closest to me along with opening a business. How in the world can I find the time after a long day of client consultation, design and scope creep planning, marketing strategy, servicing customers to update my own website? Sit down...

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Design Elements

Web development. https://www.youtube.com/embed/3RzNesUiAQs Whether your needs are for a new or existing business, I will aid in your decisions to produce a great site! Maintenance,  improvements, and design available on a one time or continuous monthly basis. Scheduled follow-ups and regular update scheduling available. Contact Yvonne to begin the creative process. ~Short list of needs? Small projects are welcomed.

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