Google Analytics is upgrading to what?

Google Analytics 4 what?

The next gen of Google Analytics is here - so what is it? Google, the powerhouse in online search, is making a major upgrade to its analytics platform in 2023. Dubbed Google Analytics 4 (or simply GA4), these new features and tools aim to help website owners stay in compliance with new regulations, learn more about their website visitors, and gain a competitive edge in their industries. If you checked your email any time in 2022, you already know that...

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The jQuery library

Nowadays, developers tend to move away from jQuery and its handy methods for DOM manipulation and Ajax requests that made it hugely popular. Regarding the Ajax requests, the Fetch API, or alternatively, the Axios library, are now more popular tools for performing asynchronous operations. That said, jQuery is still very much alive and powers almost 70,000 websites worldwide. This means that knowing how to use jQuery is still valuable in the day-to-day work of developers, like supporting legacy codebases or maintaining projects that use jQuery as...

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