Jewelry Line

A Designer Jeweler in San Antonio Texas needed to get online quickly. Her second line of jewelry was becoming popular and this required access for her prospective clients to shop. This particular site features: E-commerce Product Gallery with Zoomable features News Blog Client Accounts with Checkout Video Display via About Us Social Media Feed [caption id="attachment_2114" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Priscilla Laurel Website[/caption]

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Updated SoHill Cafe

The need for more comprehensive and timely updates brought this client in. SoHill Cafe opened a few years ago and needed current restaurant menu and SEO updates. Connections to social media feed and highlighted photography were added to allow for a smoother look and feel for customers. The general scope includes focal point menu photography, downloadable menu for preview. Maintaining posts, new photography and links to reservation links.  Neighborhood Italian Bistro

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Tex Mex Restaurant Opens

Mexican Restaurant with Authentic Texas flavors

A returning client bought a second restaurant and was happy to deploy another website. Simple and a one page deployment, Emy'z Tru-Tex-Mex is a design that focuses on delivering customers with a quick glance and connections to social media. Mexican Restaurant with Authentic Texas flavors The general scope includes focal point menu photography, downloadable menu for preview and logo. Maintaining posts, new photography and job posting setup.

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Industrial Automation Redesign

Client based in automation nationwide is expanding their platform to include a secondary business. Litco Automation stands to advance in greater warehouse, indramat inventory, and rail systems for their customers. The general scope is set to include redesign, navigation, and search engine optimization results. Return soon for these updates.    

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Portfolios of Your Work

Showcasing your work online is a huge part of customer conversion. Gaining new and retaining customers you have worked to build a reputation with is of utmost importance in any service industry. Some notable examples are photography, home construction and repair, carpentry, artist, band, resume writing, and bakery. The list of what business needs a portfolio clearly can fill a football stadium. The temptation is to take a few pictures and splash them on a page. However, today's consumers are more about...

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Photographer Seeks Reviews

This photographer sought to revamp their site from self-maintained to more informative and up to date. The main goals of this site were to: explore new ways to display photos in gallery format feature professional photos of different services combine a simple and colorful look both photographers like highlight business and commercial work differently than other categories create customer view access link to social media generate more reviews Now that this site has been updated, this photographer hopes to gain...

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