New Website

Creating a new site is like writing your best novel. This requires planning, time, and necessary review.

  • Optimized for content and purpose.
  • Informational, Functional and Appealing.
  • Personal consultations in and around San Antonio, Tx. or by phone & video chat.
  • Maintenance determined for your business needs.

Components and More…

  • Site Theme and Setup
  • Mobile – Responsive Site Pages
  • Galleries and Portfolios
  • Contact & Submission Forms
  • Photos included that you have or those I take
  • Photo editing, retouching
  • Site Links (internal/external)
  • E-commerce & Product Setup
  • Branding and color schemes for the entire site, including backgrounds
  • Documents in downloadable  format for customers.
  • Training on any do-it-myself site maintenance.

Site Maintenance

  • SSL – Site Security
  • Domain & Hosting Setup/Maintained for you
  • Content Management System (CMS) software updates.
  • Maintenance schedule of your choice – to include follow-up by phone, text and email communication to continue updates.
  • Backup Automation
  • Malware Scan
  • Module Updates for Compatibility
  • Routine Security Updates
  • Email Setup
  • Migration to another site or provider

Need a Site or Presentation Mock-Up?

Objective Driven

Listening to Your Input Matters

Whether you want design now or in the near future, the opportunity to get started is here.Spend a few moments brainstorming. Get the direction of your website going.

  • Generated based on your mission
  • Built with your goals and future expansionS
  • Optimized pages via technical writing
  • Complete review

Foresee the Future of Your Business

Eliminate the Unknown. Looking for direction and design idea for your website? After determining goals for your site, I can generate a page that gives you a quick view of bringing those ideas together.