Information | Via Graphics

  • An infographic is an image containing data, business mission, purpose, contact and services with an appealing graphical flare.
  • Usually built around business text, vectors, photographs and relevant images, this can be a good marketing component for your site.

Visualize It

Presenting materials via photo, vector, and digital visuals.

Other uses for Infographics & Cost

An infographic can also be used as an email signature or printed in a pamphlet/brochure/postcard format.

Design includes necessary information and purposes you need such as to create a stronger or larger client base.

Infographic files are given to the client for rights to use as needed.

Cost per infographic is determined based on complexity and expected time to complete the infographic.

Goals of Infographics

Company Services


Explaining charts & graph like data

Daily Corporate Life

Priorities or Benefits in Business

How to & Pitched Ideas to Visualize

Advertise Promotions

Brochure Elements

Holiday Banners

Important Events