NonProfit Uses Media to Fundraise

Bringing Awareness Several events per year are a valuable part of this organization's funding. The Prosthetic Foundation continues efforts via social media and platforms to raise awareness and grant assistance for amputees that cannot afford their prosthetic after limb-loss. Their website was also unmaintained and we created a new one on a platform that shows their assistance, offers application links and provides a commerce checkout for those want to donate, purchase event tickets. Prosthetic Foundation site

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Building A Look On Social Media

A Cabinetry Case StudyWorking to BrandClicks and likes are not the only measure to see if you are building a consistent brand on your social channels. Who Are We Targeting?AudienceTaking the time to determine your audience and key performance indicators are a secondary part of the follow through to navigating your social media channels. This company wanted to target persons interested in 2 lines of business during a certain season. OverlaySimple, clear and effective notices across media attract customers because...

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Restaurant Style Media

Instagram & Facebook Profile Management Does your restaurant business require better branding and marketing? Incorporating the menu and incentives for customers to dine, order out and take part in your specials and hosted events is a necessary tool to build your regular clients.

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