How music on websites is killing you.

Well, maybe it’s not killing you, but there are definite opinions on this subject.
Adding music to your website is not always a good idea, but it’s not ALWAYS a bad one either.

If your industry is music, of course….but what about a furniture store or an ice cream shop?
The atmosphere your site wants to convey and the audience your site is to attract are THE #1 defining answers to this question.

Giving the user the option to play is also under debate.
Some users are in a quiet place browsing websites – say the library – It’s not good to have a blast of music playing for the user as soon as they open the page.
This can be a real turnoff to the consumer for the business or service you’re trying to represent.
This would be like having Netflix play a movie for you before you pick one or your bank’s website playing music when you go to their page.
Most likely the consumer will leave the site quickly.

So, answer these questions first –
What atmosphere is this site trying to develop?
What audience am I trying to attract to this site or page?
Will music achieve this and the goals of the company?

If the thumbs are up for having music as an attractive vibe, then by all means add it.
Just my opinion, don’t autoplay, ever. Let the user be the ultimate user.