Portfolios of Your Work

Showcasing your work online is a huge part of customer conversion.

Gaining new and retaining customers you have worked to build a reputation with is of utmost importance in any service industry.

Some notable examples are photography, home construction and repair, carpentry, artist, band, resume writing, and bakery.

The list of what business needs a portfolio clearly can fill a football stadium. The temptation is to take a few pictures and splash them on a page.

However, today’s consumers are more about reputation, quality, and price.

So this leads to the discussion of fragility – in business your customers may come and go because of your portfolio and word of mouth.

Fragile is the consumer today because they are savvy about markets they deal with on a regular basis.

I personally don’t want my clients to lose partners or customers.

That is why I work to create an online presence that you can feel accurately portrays your services.

Contact me to build your portfolio online soon.