How music on websites is killing you.

Well, maybe it's not killing you, but there are definite opinions on this subject. Adding music to your website is not always a good idea, but it's not ALWAYS a bad one either. [wonderplugin_audio id="1"] If your industry is music, of course....but what about a furniture store or an ice cream shop? The atmosphere your site wants to convey and the audience your site is to attract are THE #1 defining answers to this question. Giving the user the option...

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Keep your business needs balanced with your ‘busyness’ needs

Balance business needs with 'busyness'

"Where does the time go?" by Y.Deleon For those of you who don't have enough time to keep your business needs balanced with your 'busyness' needs. Well, isn't that everyone? Heck, I'm right there with you....balancing the needs of those closest to me along with opening a business. How in the world can I find the time after a long day of client consultation, design and scope creep planning, marketing strategy, servicing customers to update my own website? Sit down...

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Design Elements

Web development. https://www.youtube.com/embed/3RzNesUiAQs Whether your needs are for a new or existing business, I will aid in your decisions to produce a great site! Maintenance,  improvements, and design available on a one time or continuous monthly basis. Scheduled follow-ups and regular update scheduling available. Contact Yvonne to begin the creative process. ~Short list of needs? Small projects are welcomed.

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