Keep your business needs balanced with your ‘busyness’ needs

Balance business needs with 'busyness'

“Where does the time go?” by Y.Deleon

For those of you who don’t have enough time to keep your business needs balanced with your ‘busyness’ needs.

Well, isn’t that everyone?

Heck, I’m right there with you….balancing the needs of those closest to me along with opening a business.

How in the world can I find the time after a long day of client consultation, design and scope creep planning, marketing strategy, servicing customers to update my own website?

Sit down after all of that and add meaningful blurb and spot articles to my own website? Really? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Well most business owners do not either. That is because as risk takers, we tend to focus on what is in front of us now.

Setting up a day per week to beef up online presence is probably not at the top of many business leaders to-do lists.

And rightfully so – when there are so many other pieces of the business puzzle to work on in the daily munch of it all.

When you ask yourself ‘where does the time go?’, you are likely placing priorities where the business leads you to.

Pat yourself on the back, that’s a part of running a business.

To combat what seems like time waster events – follow these steps:

1. Setup a meeting with yourself on your calendar. And yes, this is literally a meeting with yourself!

Use that time to ask and write down important thermometer like questions, such as:

What goals are low on my priority list right now?

Who am I or can I delegate tasks to and what is a measurable goal for them to reach?

What buzz words are floating around in my industry that I need to utilize through the company?

Name the benefits to recent ideas implemented.

2. Picture the future. Close your eyes and what video plays in your mind when you imagine your business a year from now?

These can be great motivations for the updates that need to go on your website, social media platforms, etc.
3. Organize. Whether it’s email, paperwork, binders or a desk drawer – take a minute to keep the organization up. This keeps your daily business tasks from looking like a tornado hit it.

4. Make an executive decision…and then share it.

Name the top need of your business, and make a decision that supports getting you there. The most important part of this step is to share it with your organization’s board or staff. This can save valuable time and energy because they will likely have meaningful input to help you. Help you squash that idea or go for it, that is.

Those are the 4 ways to keep time wasters surrounded by your business needs. I hope you setup that meeting with yourself to begin the process.