Planning Goals

Importance of Planning with Clients Recognized & Offered From conference calls, to discussing the mission of businesses, YD recognized early on each client needed specifics in - Planning. From planning initial website changes to business goals to next steps - incorporating the flow of each client's business model has been evident. Consulting with clients now involves a major perk - continuing to analyze, require, and update based on the realities and dreams of your business flow. There is always a need...

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Graphics Printing Redesign

Redesign for a local Graphics Designer. Showing more of their extensive portfolio Options for Ordering Phase 2 to be extended into an online shop FROM THIS TO THIS This client was hired into the marketing industry as a result of our collaborations. Her site is currently retired. 

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Photography Editing

Producing good photography is one thing, but great photos for your website and marketing is another avenue to make your project stand out. One of the joys of editing is producing effects and overlays. There is also the opportunity for restoration through our services. Restoring a photograph for a business or family use is an option and cost is based on the number of hours required to produce what you need. Production time also depends on the quality of the...

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Upscale Restaurant Upgraded

Tribeca 212

Modernized These owners are looking for a modern restaurant website to match their upscale atmosphere. Under new management, these owners are going to be a great client to move forward on their mission to upgrade. Making this restaurant standout is the priority of this client. From the new menu to taking RSVP requests, we plan on making this site informative and welcoming to dining guests. Social media updates and marketing will also boost their following. BEFORE: AFTER: [gallery link="none" size="large"...

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Jewelry Site Redesign

Exciting updated site for a San Antonio jewelry designer. This is exciting news for a push toward a business that is seeking to serve those interested in quality pieces of 'jewelry couture'. The fascinating part of this journey with the business owner has been discovering the hopes and dreams for a site that were pushed aside for a while. Now that these hopes are re-ignited, a push toward a site redesign is soon to be launched that will enhance the...

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Portfolios of Your Work

Showcasing your work online is a huge part of customer conversion. Gaining new and retaining customers you have worked to build a reputation with is of utmost importance in any service industry. Some notable examples are photography, home construction and repair, carpentry, artist, band, resume writing, and bakery. The list of what business needs a portfolio clearly can fill a football stadium. The temptation is to take a few pictures and splash them on a page. However, today's consumers are more about...

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Optometrists need to see

Optometrist Website Soon

A Website for a Therapeutic Optometrist has now begun. From experience with eye disorders to the latest contact lenses, this doctor has great work ethic. [siteorigin_widget class="SiteOrigin_Widget_Headline_Widget"][/siteorigin_widget] A logo from her client's painting will be displayed. To attract new customers and provide an overview of this doctor's staff is the mission at hand. Functional for customer and client. A great awareness for eye health and the importance of the right eye doctor for the entire family. Forms for filling out...

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Wherefore art thou Shopping Cart?

[wpepsc name="My Great Product" price="100.00" align="left"] Oh Romeo?? With the bundle of carts, payment processors and options for ecommerce, many business owners are easily confused. Which shopping cart is the right one to marry for my business? Not only are there technical issues to consider, the business model is inherently the main factor that drives determined plans. Considering current and future sales growth, each step of choosing the right shopping cart is a service I provide. Not to worry -...

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DIY do it yourself website or hire a web designer?

Lately, marketing for website development has spiked for the do-it-yourself audience. You know - those people who like to tackle projects themselves before they hire someone to do a professional job for them, because afterall how hard could it be? The "I can do that!" mentality has grown, and now has spread to the business model in different ways. Technology, with all of the gadgets in every hand and internet google searches, has produced a market for those who would...

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