Logos & Ads, Brochure, Video

 Advertising Your Business Starts With Logo & Visuals

  • Logo, banner design, discount ads and updates to existing media available.
  • Price is per logo. Reusable JPEG, PNG, GIF, and standard media provided.
  • Redesign or update to existing logo also provided. 
  • Typical logo needs require logo design, which includes background, text, and design editing.
  • Sample items here. If you can imagine it, I can design it!
  • Drawing  a logo from scratch and digital editing is also available.

Brochures, Ad Notecards, Presentations, Video Summary

  • Menus or brochures for display, print shops or download.
  • Documents for your business needs.
  • Note or Postcard design.
  • Business card design.

Video Editing

  • Video compilations and editing. Video must be in standard formats for import. 
  • Videography available with commercial-like projects for promoting business.
  • Videos tailored and rendered for site or business use. 
  • Voice & music overlay, transition, 3D graphic designs of current logos and graphics available.